Finest quality
as well as an exceptional taste
is our top priority.

Who we are?

We are the Organization of Fruit Producers in Poland and our history dates from three generations.
Our company has connections with more than a dozen fruit manufacturers. We grow tasty and aromatic apples, pears, plums, aronia berries and blackcurrants that owe their unique flavour to their location
in the heart of the Kujawy area - a region famous for fertile soil and a love of tradition.
Finest quality as well as an exceptional taste is our top priority. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and we run our orchards under the supervision of experts from the Netherlands. We take special care
to balance the number of crops, the quality of the fruit and the protection of the environment.

Why should you choose SADCO?

Price stability & direct contact with producer

We are apple producers and we prefer to deal directly with the client in terms of pricing and distribution. This form of contact guarantees safe transactions and reliable supply chains to our costumers.

Continuity of supply

Our experience and the size of our crops guarantee the availability of products to our costumers through all seasons as well as ensure contractual delivery times.

Finest quality

As producers, we are constantly developing aou expertise. Therefore, our fruit meet high quality standards and allow our clients to enjoy their taste and flavour.


We are able to export apples worldwide. Together with our client, we decide which means of transportation
is most suitable and then organise the transportation of goods for the customer. Because our top priority
is meeting their needs, we also offer various packaging options.