We care about apples
and their quality
at every stage
of production.

Production process

The production of our fruits is run on the basis of the Global GAP system which assures the safety of food
for customers and the IPO (Integrated Fruit Production) system according to which our fruits are healthy
for customers and our farms are run with the awareness of the natural environment protection.


We simply love our fruit. We treat them very gently. Apples and pears are collected manually, because only this traditional method allows
to keep their appetizing appearance and unique flavor.


On the same day, fruit are sent directly from the orchard to the ULO Cold Room (ultra low oxygen concentration). They are stored at the optimal temperature and atmospheric condition.
Therefore they stay fresh for months.

Precise sorting

From the ULO Cold Room, they proceed
to preliminary sorting. To ensure that no fruit
is damaged, we transport them on water-filled channels. Apples and pears are sorted by size, weight and colour, so that the customer can be sure that the batch ordered contains identical fruit.


We want to satisfy our customers' needs and therefore we offer various packaging possibilities.
Our facility is equipped with modern packaging line made by Longobardi. We can pack fruit in cartons, boxes, plastic bags or trays. You can choose what you need.