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Our apples come straight
from the orchards
located in the heart
of Kujawy area.
We simply love our fruit.

What we do

From three generations we have been producing tasty, juicy fruit. They come straight from the orchards, located in the heart of Kujawy area. Our immense, dwarf orchards cover an area of over 300 hectares.
We run them under the supervision of experts from the Netherlands.
We take special care to balance the number of crops, the quality of the fruit and the protection of the environment. We use a minimum of fertilisers and pesticides. Global GAP and Integrated Fruit Production (IPO) certificates are a guarantee of our products' quality.

Our global reach

We sell our fruit in our own country and abroad, including the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Spain, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, UK and many others. We work with leading retail chains throughout Europe.